6S Shaking Table

6S Shaking Table

Shaker is used for sorting of fine materials, gravity separation equipment, widely used in sorting tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium-iron and coal. I plant shaker has a long history, and continue to develop innovative and development from basic bed shaker straight on to the first single bed shaker Qu Bo (in the 1970s); Qu Bo into double bed shaker (on 1990), the processing capacity shaker, recovery and enrichment ratio has greatly improved. Service online

Detailed introduction


6-S shaker is a physical beneficiation equipment, which is mainly used for sorting gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, tin and other rare metals and precious metal ore.

Product introduction

6-S shaker is a physical beneficiation equipment, which is mainly used for sorting gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, tin and other rare metals and precious metal ore. company Shakers have 20 years of experience in these years, we have accumulated a lot of experience summed up, and we have recently made some improvements to the shaker, a good market response.Effective tick size range selected 6-S shaker is the sorting of fine ore processing equipment used, the processing of metal ores is 3 ~ O. 019 mm, while the upper limit of the particle size of up to 10 mm coal preparation. 6-S shaker outstanding advantages are high precision sorting, sorting can be obtained by a high-grade ore or waste tailings, and can be simultaneously connected to a plurality of products. Flat 6-S shaker easy care, easy to adjust. The main drawback is the device footprint, low unit plant area of processing power.

6-S shaker (also known as the 6S shaker, dressing shaker, glass and steel shaker) belong to gravity separation equipment, developed by the chute from the plane after its reciprocating motion is characterized by asymmetry and self-contained. 6-S shaker bed consists of three parts, chassis and transmission bodies, trapezoidal or diamond appear before bed, laterally 1 ° ~ 5 ° tilt, tilt the edge of the square configuration to mine shafts and to sink, bed surface longitudinally arranged bed bar, its high degree of self-drive end reduced to the opposite side. Entire bed frame is supported by, attached to one end of the bed face gear, which can carry close to the time before the end of the bed with a quick return motion characteristics, namely the so-called differential movement.

Mainly by the bed shaker, motor, the accent slope, the bed, mine shafts, sinks, and lubrication systems to complex pieces of eight-part longitudinal reciprocating bed by a crank-link transmission mechanism to achieve. Motor through the belt drive pulley driven by the crankshaft rotation so large as the rocker along, the next movement, the downward movement of the joystick, push the rear axle brackets and reciprocating rod moving backwards, the spring is compressed bed seat and back and forth through the linkage connecting rods, so in this case also make the bed for backward movement, when the rocker upward movement, due to the tensile force of the spring, driven forward movement along the bed.

Our company produces industrial coal preparation shaker power, low noise, power consumption relative to the same types of products have decreased, the election of your prime of coal preparation equipment. .

Technical data

Model and Specification 6-S/LY 6-S/LY 6-S/LY LY
Table Size(mm) Length×Feed width×Concentrate width 4520×1850×1560 3000×1620×1100 2100×1050×850 1100×500×430
Selective area(㎡) 7.67 4.08 2 0.51
Feed size(mm) coarse sand 1-2.5 0.6-1.5 0.4-0.8 0.1-0.2
fine sand 0.8-1.2 0.3-0.8 0.2-0.5 0.05-0.1
slurry 0.3-0.6 0.2-0.4 0.1-0.2 0.03-0.05
Water consumption(t/h) 0.5~3.5 0.3~1.5 0.2~1 0.1~0.5
Stroke(mm) 8~36 10~30 12~28 9~17
Jig frequency(q/m) 240~380 240~420 250~450 280~460
Cross fall(°) 0°~5° 0°~8° 0°~10° 0°~10°
Motor Model Y70L-4 Y100L-4 Y90L-4 Y80L-4
Power(kw) 1.1 1.1 1.1 0.55
Revolving speed(r/min) 1400 1400 1400 1400
V-belt(mm) A-2000 A-1033 B-2007 A-1245
Overall Dimension(Length*Width*Height)mm 5630×1850×900 4075×1320×780 3040×1050×1020 1530×500×800
Weight(kg) 650 550 350 150
Notes: The above technical parameters based on stationary type shaking table, are for your reference only.


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