Coal Mill

Coal Mill

Coal mill is an vital auxiliary equipment for coal-powder furnace, it has three methods to crush the coal lump and grind them into powder,it is crushing, impacting and grinding. Air swept coal mill would be the major gear in cement plant for both drying and grinding in the powders. Compared with all the ordinary ball mill, it has benefits of greater capacity, a lot more convenient operation, safer usage, and much more trustworthy overall performance. Coal mill is employed to grind, pulverize and dry coal before the coal is transmitted the boiler. Service online

Detailed introduction

The working principle of

Material from the feeding mouth in to the ball mill, with rotary grinding machine, grinding machine grinding medium (the ball) to shock and grinding materials, the material in the left end of mill (import) by moving for the proper finish face, in the mobile course of action or material crushing, grinding course of action. In the outlet of ball mill and duct connected to series inside the pipeline program then classifier, cyclone separator, dust collector and fan of imports. When driving wind method, ball mill inside the physique is in a low damaging stress operation. When the fine grinding of materials with the rotation of the grinding machine into SongSanZhuang, and using the wind from the discharging mouth into the piping technique, to pick powder will be coarse particle separation and then in to the ball mill imported fine powder separator separation recycling, gas discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. When the ball filling price (of each of the steel ball volume percentage of your cylinder internal volume) accounted for 40% 50%, ball mill in various speed rotation, cylinder body of grinding medium 3 fundamental motions might happen.

  • (a), higher speed, centrifugal force tends to make the ball with the cylinder rotate collectively, the entire ball formation against the cylinder wall of a circle, identified because the "turnover status", grinding medium is significantly less than the impact and grinding effect for the material.
  • (b), speed too slow, supplies and grinding media along the grinding machine rotation was increased to 40 ° - 50 ° (in the course of a period in between each layer also has the relative sliding, sliding), when the grinding medium and material of your friction force is equal for the cylinder along with the friction Angle, friction interface and supplies will decline, referred to as the "purging state". For material grinding impact, but has no influence around the material, which makes the grinding efficiency.
  • (c), along with the mill speed is moderate. Grinding medium with cylinder immediately after ascending to a certain height, away from circular orbit along a parabolic trajectory is cost-free fall down dollars, recognized as the "fall", along a parabolic trajectory falling ball, to a ball at the bottom on the cylinder or cylinder liner influence and grinding effect, make the material crushing.

Technical data

Model specification (m) Capacity (t/h) Rotating speed (r/min) Transmission type Motor Reducer Weight(t)
Remark Model Power(kw) Model Reduction ratio
φ2.2×3 5-6 22 Edge YR355M-8 185 ZD50 5 37  
φ2.2×4.4 8-9 22 Edge YR355M-6 220 ZDH50 6.3 46  
φ2.4×4.75 14 20.4 Edge YR400-8 280 ZD60 4.5 54  
φ2.4×4+2 10-12 20.2 Edge YRKK450-8 250 ZDY35580 4.5 59  
φ2.4×4.5+2 16-17 20.4 Edge YR4005-8 280 JDX-450 4.5 76  
φ2.6×4.8+2 9-10 20 Edge YRKK5002-8 400 RZD75 4.5 91  
φ2.6×5.25+2.25 13-14 19.7 Edge YRKK500-8 400 ZDY400-4.5-11 4.5 98  
φ2.8×5+3 8-10 18.9 Edge JRQ1512-10 480 MCD-70 3.55 107  
φ3×9 18-20 18.3 Edge YBKK5560-8 630 MBY560 5 124  
φ3.2×9.5 28 17 Edge YR800-8/1180 800 NFM710 6.3 140  
φ3.4×5.25+2.8 30 17.47 Edge YRKK-56-6 900 JDX-800 7.157 169 Exclude main transmission
φ3.8×7.25+3.5 41-43 16.7 Edge YR630-8 1400 MBY800 5.6 220  


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