Roller mill for sale

Roller mill for sale

Roller mill is mainly used for broken and finely for raw materials. Such as coal, coke, limestone, pyrite, phosphate rock, coal gangue, glass and other materials need to be broken. Its broken way to split type pieces, and crushing granularity appears as rules of granular, crushed large proportion. Crushed material most large degree should be less than the selection of maxhine mouth size 10 to 60 mm, specific technical parameter table size reference. Crushed material compressive strength of 100 mpa or less. Service online

Detailed introduction

Roller mill

All landowners optimal configuration part: this machine key components, choose alloy tool steel, after heat treatment, wear-resisting durable, long service life. Roller mill main organism, rotor system, gas plate, hammer, transmission device, power part, etc. The body is made of high qualified steel plate welding. It is the main material in the body, for hammer strike, in order to prevent the material with a hammer to the destruction of the body, big body lined with toothed plate, rise to protect airframe promote crushing function. The rotor consists of main shaft, disc, such as hammer of assembled. Are the main parts of the hammer material, when the motor through the pulley drive the rotor, hammerhead is rotating at high speed, produce powerful strike force, material into the rotor hammer strike zone were smashed screen grate in the lower part of the body, by breaking the material reaches the required size, namely, rushed out of the screen grate blowdown. The size of the particle size are controlled by the size of the screen grate. Pore size change screen grate, can obtain different granularity. The size of the output is proportional to the grate gap. Also feed into the hopper is equipped with automatic control damper. Rely on the force of a heavy hammer, isolation shattering storehouse and feed hopper in a timely manner at any time, to avoid splash material cuts. Big Roller mill in order to improve the power of hitting, also equipped with a flywheel energy storage.

  • (1) broken superior principle: this machine has both hit hammer crusher, and hammer of shear, dual compound crushing effect.
  • (2) crushing high hardness, especially for iron ore, aluminium vanadium ore, gold ore, such as high hardness of the ore.
  • (3) crushing large range: this machine can cover all materials crushing, hard, soft, soft, crisp. Minerals and crops.
  • (4) broken good performance: this machine crushed material granularity and the powder surface rate.
  • (5) to adapt to a wide range: can be struck crushing brittle materials, but also shear broken viscous soft materials. To adapt to the moisture content increased significantly.
  • (6) high crushing efficiency: both broken hammer type, and hammer of shear, doubling the crushing effect.

The working principle of Roller mill

Roller mill is mainly by impact crushing material. Material into the Roller mill, suffered shattered by the impact of the high-speed rotary hammer, the crushed material, obtained from hammer broken hammer kinetic energy, from high speed toward the body flap, screen, meanwhile material impact each other, have been broken many times, the clearance of the material is less than the bar, from the eduction in clearance, individual large material, on the bar again by the impact of the hammer head, grinding, extrusion and crushing, the material being hammer broken hammer out from the gap. To obtain the required size of the product.

Technical data

Name & Model HM4008-75 HM4012-90 HM4015-132
Rotor diameter(mm) 750 900 1150
Rotor length(mm) 800 1200 1500
Rotor speed(rm) 800-1000 800-1000 550-800
Feeding size(mm) 320×930 400×1200 500×1500
Max feed size(mm) <30 <40 <50
Discharge size(mm) 0-3 0-3 0-8
Theory processing capacity(th) 8-15 15-40 40-70
Motor Model(Standard) Y280S-4 Y280M-4 Y315L2-6
Power(kw) 75 90 132
Rotate speed(rm)      
Hammer number(pcs) 18 32 32
Dimension(L×W×Hmm) 2130×1665×1610 2840×2100×2020 3720×2650×2540


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