Rod Mill

Rod Mill

When the ball mill rotates, consequently of grinding medium and friction among ball mill lining. Taken right after grinding body in accordance with all the path of rotation to fall once more. This material is continuous grinding. You will discover three sorts of mill body motions: diarrhea type, centrifugal, buffing falls. Based on the shape with the body could be divided into the cylinder of ball mill, conical ball mill and pipe mill (also known as tube mill) three. Service online

Detailed introduction

The working principle of your ball mill

Material by feeding device into the ball mill within the warehouse, the warehouse has ladder plate or corrugated plate, built in unique specifications of grinding ball, and grinding ball for ball mill within the warehouse material evenly distributed, prevent brought on by heavy ball mill beginning difficulty, ought to get started, when the feed auxiliary engine, the grinding process is also known as. Soon after being material is uniformly distributed within the warehouse, cylinder rotation to generate centrifugal force will fall soon after grinding ball to a particular height, material and grinding action. Powder by means of the discharging device, full assignments ball mill.

The necessity of ball mill kind a complete set of frequency conversion

With rising competition in the market place, how you can save energy and lessen production expense, is the fact that all the enterprises on subjects of mutual interest, hence, maximum limit reduces the energy consumption of ball mill, save energy and to enhance the economic benefits of enterprises is of great value.

  • 1, the ball mill start-up mode and current manage mode will not be electrical energy, can by way of the inverter to save large amounts of electrical energy.
  • 2, the effect of your ball mill when beginning way starting by existing is extremely huge, so the ball mill bearing and gear reducer is easy to harm, maintenance charges.
  • 3, ball mill with current beginning way beginning when the impact of the present massive (generally 7 ~ eight occasions the rated present, will result in the energy grid voltage fluctuation, voltage is lowered, serious when nonetheless may cause other devices tripping and fault, impact the regular production.
  • 4, drive mode is typically applied to ball mill is: three-phase ac motor, hydraulic coupling, gear reducer, pulley gear reducer. Mainly because ball mill are constant torque load, when utilizing hydraulic coupler speed regulation, its manage efficiency is equal towards the speed ratio, there is a massive part of the energy is wasted inside the hydraulic coupler, increasing the power consumption of ball mill.

Technical data

Model Barrel size(mm) Effective volume (m3) Bar weight(T) Rotating speed(r/min) Power(KW) Discharge size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Weight(T)
MB0924 Ф900×2400   3.1 29 22 2.5-0.2 2.9-10 6.6
MB1224 Ф1200×2400   6.5 27 37 2.5-0.2 5-13 13.5
MB1530 Ф1500×3000 5 8 23 75 2.5-0.2 5.5-12 16.71
MB1830 Ф1800×3000 6.5 17 22.8 130 2.5-0.2 9.5-20 29.8
MB2136 Ф2100×3600 11 28 20.9 210 2.5-0.2 14.8-35 49.4
MB2436 Ф2400×3600 14.6 37 19 280 2.5-0.2 26-55 61
MB2740 Ф2700×4000 20.5 47 17.5 400 5-0.8 50-165 84.3
MB3040 Ф3000×4000 25.9 50 16.2 500 5-0.8 62-206 130
MB3245 Ф3200×4500 33 56 15.5 630 5-0.8 70-228 138
MB3654 Ф3600×5400 55 94 14.5 1000 5-0.8 103-340 192


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