Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

A vertical roller mill is a type of industrial equipment used to crush or grind materials into small particles. These machines consist of a large, heavy-duty steel drum that relies on both hydraulic and pneumatic forces to pulverize rock or stone. Vertical roller mill machines are widely used in the concrete and mining fields, and are also used to process gypsum. These units can process both raw and recycled materials, while helping to reduce waste and preserve supplies of these materials. Service online

Detailed introduction

Technical features and advantages

Most vertical roller mill models are positioned beneath a large hopper, which feeds rock and other materials into the top of the mill. A large, horizontal plate fits within the body of the drum, and rotates very rapidly when the machine is in use. As materials fall onto the plate, centrifugal force pushes them out towards the edges of the circular plate. Large rollers sit along the perimeter of the plate, crushing and grinding materials before they can fall off the edge. These rollers are powered by hydraulic fluid, which enables them to exert tremendous force to handle tough materials.

A pneumatic, or air-powered, system helps to collect the pulverized materials. Those that have been crushed into small particles are drawn upward via air pressure into a collection bin. Particles that are too large are heavy simply fall off the edges of the plate for reprocessing.

The vertical roller mill serves as an alternate to traditional ball roller machines. In a ball roller, grinding wheels move within a steel drum to crush rock or stone. These rollers move in a relatively random pattern, and tend to produce materials of varying sizes. They do not offer the consistency and efficient processing of a vertical roller mill.

Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

Material through the feed tube fell on the center of vertical roller mill grinding plate, centrifugal force generated from the rotation of grinding plate uniformly scatters and flattens the materials outwards the surrounding area of vertical roller mill grinding plate, to forms a certain thick layer of materials bed, the material was crushed by number of rollers at the same time. Driven by the continuous centrifugal force to keep the materials moving to the outer edge of the grinding plate, the materials off the grinding plate rising with the hot air which enter from wind ring into the vertical roller mill, through the vertical roller mill shell into the middle of the separator, in this course materials and hot gas do a fully heat exchange, and the water quickly evaporates. Separator controls the output size of finished product, greater than the specified size are separated and fall back to the plate, while meet the fineness requirements are brought through the separator into the finished product warehouse.

Santasalo Advantages

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Technical data





Wheel diameter(mm)




Capacity (t/h)




Fineness 400~650Mesh




Material Size(mm)


< 10






Main Motor Power(KW)








Classifier Motor Power

15 KWx5

15 KWx7

15 KWx7


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